In-House Sport Balls Inspection

The manufacturing of sports balls has become a specialized business over the years as competition and quality being at the top.

Ball inflation before shipping

Why Trust HighTop Quality

Due to the fact that there is literally thousands of sports balls option today, it is essential for every customer to know about the quality control standards associated with the product of interest.

Each sports ball has its own set of quality control standards either set by an international institution or a sports-related organization. Here are the general quality control standards which guarantee our quality when buying sports balls.

Ball quality control

Professional Team Work

Our QA team will make sure your online transactions are completely secure. Besides, we will assess how well-protected your check your sport balls.

HighTop is built upon quality, availability and innovation. Our aim is to lead the industry, leveraging on the expertise and support from our experienced commercial and technical teams, which works towards the highest standards in Europe.

QA and Testing Process

The QA engineer is present at all stages of the application’s life cycle, helping you lower development costs, mitigate risks and deliver a better product.

Color quality control

Raw Materials Inspection

Verify that all of the raw materials to be used are free from any damage or defects to ensure all of the products to be used are ready for assembly.

Appearance check before shipping

Assembly Inspection

To prevent poorly manufactured sports balls, premature damage and defects caused by the initial assembly will be avoided or minimized.

Balls inflation testing

Inflation/Deflation Inspection

All the sport balls will be inflated to their optimum capacity and inspected for any holes, punctures or air intakes on each seam to ensure that all the inflatable sport balls are free of defects.

Balls weight testing

Weight and Measurement Inspection

Verify that the entire sports ball under the same category has the same weight and specifications to ensure product accuracy.

Balls printing checking

Final Inspection

Verify the effectiveness of the entire sports ball under inspection to ensure safe use and operation. Items that pass the final inspection will be packed and shipped.

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