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OEM/ODM Wholesale American Footballs

The HighTop team churns out 10,000 footballs each day. These balls can be crafted with many different materials, including leather and neoprene. Browse our football today and wrap your hands around a handcrafted one.

Available in

Machine stitched / Retro style / Neoprene / Rubber materials

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Custom American Footballs

We create and produce custom American footballs according to your demands. In the following we present you some features of custom options and techniques.

Just mail us your logo and rough idea for design or rather material color matching and we will create a digital sample of your ball.

Standard Sizes

Long axis

Want another size? Just contact us for more possibilities.

To Create A Better Feel Right on Field

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Pro Spot Everytime

  • Premium PVC/PU creates a composite-covered football with higher quality.
  • Delicate laces sewn on the surface and overall shape design bring more possibilities.
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Various Applications

  • Designed for stadium, playground and more activities.
  • One-size-fit-all applications.
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Perfect Prolate Spheroid

  • More aerodynamic and can be more accurately thrown when spiraled downfield by a quarterback with a strong right arm.

How HighTop Supports Your Ball Project

Custom ball design support

Ball Custom Service

Get a dozen soccer balls with your special logo, to corporate custom orders including special colors, sizes, packaging - we've got you covered.

China football factory plant

Our Manufacturing Process

Based on customers' feedback, we continually improve our process to meet real-world demands.

China football quality control

Quality Control

With 10 years of experience and close adherence to the highest quality standards, all parts are inspected at first piece, in process and final.

Customize Your Sport Balls with NO Order Minimum