Quality in Lean Manufacturing

Your balls are manufactured in a lean environment where each aspect of production is optimized to save time, money and resources.

Audited Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing facilities are a source of incredible pride.

At HighTop we produce sport balls at various levels. Our mission is to be the all-in-one manufacturer and supplier of OEM/ODM business. That’s why we keep pushing the boundaries on design and technical innovations. Also invest in our current factories.

For 10 years, our factories has been extended and altered in order to create space for HighTop's on-going growth and development.

BSCI certification


FAMA certification


walmart certification


Take A Look Inside Our Process Below

Cutting footabll panels

Materials Preparing

1. Lining the cover materials. Sheets of synthetic leather are backed with several layers of cloth, to strengthen the material. The sheets are fed through a press that applies a latex adhesive and attaches the cloth.

2. Cutting the panels. After the adhesive is fully dried, the sheets of synthetic leather are passed to a die-cutting machine. Workers load the cloth into the die cutter, which cuts the hexagonal panels and also punches the stitch holes.

Balls imprinting in factory

Imprinting the Panels

Some of the cut panels are next taken to a screening area. Workers silkscreen the panels individually, imprinting them with the manufacturer's logo. This is done with a specially fast-drying paint.

Quality control:

  • 100% color consistency with Pantone regulations
  • Zero defects on background colors and color shades
  • Accurate location
Ball panels stitching in China

Machine Stitching

Panels are then sewn up by operation the sewing machines, to form a ball prototyping, before inflate the bladder.

Quality control:

  • Properly formed stitches.
  • Even and smooth stitch density.
  • No stitches are missed.
Molding ball bladder


Either natural or synthetic rubber can be used for bladder. Our raw material is heated gently and forced into a mold where a balloon is formed. Workers remove the bladders to smooth them out and partially inflate them.

Quality control:

  • Enough transparent elastic glue.
  • Airtight lock valve.
Hand stitching balls

Hand Stitching

Hand stitching by experienced workers makes sure seamless closure of lining. These balls have deep and strong seams that benefit the durability of the ball.

Quality control:

  • Adequate stitch density.
  • Tight pattern.
  • Overall evenness and smoothness.
Rubber balls molding

Inflating, Final Testing and Shipping

Balls come with strict control of air pressure. The pressure is properly enough without making it too hard nor unclear to discover any air leaking problems. The balls are inflated to one bar and left for 24 hours. The air pressure is then read again and noted how much air is lost.

Secure shipping will be assured by multi-layered packaging, without any damage.

Quality control:

  • Air pressure retention.
  • Overall cleanness without glue.

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